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FxPro presented brand new Educational section

June 23, London – Following our customers’ needs, FxPro has improved its Trading Academy, and is pleased to announce about the new Educational section launch.

Now all information is presented in the form of an interactive course consisting of cards, convenient to move between. You can choose a section (Basics, Psychology, Fundamental or Technical analysis), as well as the topic that is most relevant to you.

We know that among our clients are not only newbies but also experienced traders. That’s why we offer two levels of content at once: Beginners and Advanced. Also, in the Educational section you will find animated videos, and, in the nearest future, tests for self-checking and useful pdf-files to download.

The topics will be updated regularly, so stay tuned with the FxPro news!

FxPro Chief Marketing Officer Ilya Holeu commented:

'As a modern company, FxPro strives to provide customers with not only useful but also very easy-to-learn materials. We made sure to clarify even difficult points in the most understandable way, and our analysts picked up the vivid examples from a real market to each situation. We always welcome any feedback and will be happy to hear from you about your experience with this section.'
Charalambos Psimolophitis
Ilya Holeu
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